Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The growing i360

On 11th June six of the seventeen steel cylinders (cans) that will be assembled into the tower arrived by barge on the beach. Progress since then has been rapid.

The first 3 cans are installed and 3 more stand ready 

The jacking rig. This  supports the upper completed section of the tower while it is being raised by the crane. This enables the next section to be slid in underneath and bolted on.

The 100 metre high crane being used in the assembly looms over the jacking rig and the upper cans.

A second delivery of cans is scheduled to arrive today June 23rd.

The tower looks unexpectedly slender and the early fears that its bulk will unattractively dominate  the seafront seem ill-founded.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Council Chamber weddings

Brighton’s historic Council Chamber has now seen its first wedding ceremony since it was licenced for weddings earlier this year.

The Council Chamber is on the second floor of Brighton Town Hall with a semi-circular seating arrangement designed for everyone at meetings to be able to see the speakers. It is also a perfect layout for a wedding ceremony, with a maximum capacity of 120 people.

Sue Baker, registrar for marriages for Brighton & Hove city Council, said: “It was wonderful to do a ceremony in this beautiful room. Now we can cater for larger wedding parties, it will be even better for the couples coming to be married in Brighton Town Hall as this gives more choice.

A sense of history is evident in the room’s traditional wooden panelled d├ęcor as well as the wall display featuring the names of all Mayors dating back from present day to Lieutenant Colonel John Fawcett, first Mayor of Brighton, in 1854.

The listed building,  designed by architect Thomas Cooper in classical style, is on the site of a former market which was also previously the location of St Bartholomew's Priory garden. The foundation stone  was laid in April 1830 and the building was completed in 1899.

Cllr Alan Robins said, "it is an impressive room with a fine heritage, a very fitting venue for starting married life.”

The Old Police Cells in the basement are also licenced for weddings.

Monday, 1 June 2015

North Street trees

As part of the North Street improvement scheme it was the original intention to plant trees directly into the ground. This would have saved pavement space and given the trees themselves a better chance in a difficult environment. Unfortunately, after several trial holes were dug along North Street, it became clear that the prevalence of existing underground utilities precluded this option. So, rather than have no trees at all, planting tubs were chosen. These come with 5 years worth of pre-paid maintenance, which should give the trees a reasonable chance of becoming established.

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Telephone Box reborn

Marine Parade

Although most public telephones have now been made redundant by the mobile phone network,  the familiar red boxes are still hanging on in conservation areas and their removal would leave the street scene much the poorer. In their favour they all have electricity supplies and are very solidly built and durable. Some in busy areas have already been ingeniously converted to coffee kiosks.

Now a series of planning applications from architects M B Design & Build, working with the charity "Thinking Outside the Box", British Telecom and other registered charities, are seeking to convert other boxes for advertising.

“Thinking Outside the Box” is a charitable trust supporting homeless projects
around the country by undertaking to give a percentage of their earnings from
the retail uses of converted phone boxes. 

It is proposed to adapt disused boxes in Marine Parade, Trafalgar Street, Churchill Square, Dyke Road and St. Peter's Place to house full height LCD screens positioned immediately behind the glazed sides of the kiosks. The kiosks will be fully refurbished, fitted with toughened glass and repainted. The only other modification needed is to the door which involves installing a lock behind the pull plate.

St.Peter's Place