Friday, 21 April 2017

Road changes at the RSCH: 22 & 29 April

On Saturdays 22 and 29 of April the service road that leads to the County Hospital’s Multi-storey Car Park will be closed at its east end between 2pm and midnight. This is to allow preparations for a new building that will stand beside it. The road has to be dug up as part of these preparations.

Vehicles for the car park, the Children’s Hospital, the Millennium Wing, the Sussex Kidney Unit and the Thomas Kemp Tower should use Upper Abbey Road and Whitehawk Hill Road to enter and leave the hospital. These roads are on the west of the hospital. Please download this map to help reach the correct entrance.

RSCH site map showing alternate vehicle routes - 22 & 29 April

Vehicle access to the Emergency Department (A&E) will not be affected by the works.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Falmer Long Barn

The barn today

Restoration c.1948

Falmer Court Farm long barn is probably C16 in date and is listed grade II*. It is faced with flints with a half-hipped thatched roof and has two waggon entrances and 2 lunette windows on each side. Inside, the barn has tie-beams, crown-posts with braces and some queen posts.

It was re-thatched 70 years ago just after WW2. It seems probable that it is still the same thatch.


Monochromes from the RPM collections.

Stanmer Park restoration project

Following confirmation, in January, of a grant of £3.8 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund and BIG Lottery Fund’s Parks for People scheme, this project will see around 20 hectares of the park’s landscape and listed buildings restored and given new life. The ambitious landscaping scheme will return the parkland close to the original 18th century design.

250 new trees will be planted, others will be relocated and groups of self-seeded trees removed.

The walled garden will be restored to become the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the newly-restored park. Dating from around 1727, the garden was originally used to grow food and plants for Stanmer House and currently houses the council’s plant nursery. Plans will see the whole area transformed to include a new garden centre, cafĂ© and seating area alongside a formal garden with water feature. Plumpton College will lead on developing and managing the garden.

The Permaculture Trust’s orchard will be stocked with new apple trees.

A listed barn beside the walled garden will be restored and put back into use.

The original Green Drive will be recreated providing an attractive shared route for pedestrians and cyclists from the Lower Lodges through the parkland.

The Frankland Monument, erected in memory of MP Frederick Frankland in 1775 on the edge of the great wood is currently in poor condition and hidden from view. The scheme will see this listed monument restored.

Parking at the front of Stanmer House will be removed, creating a simple and open arrival area. Visitors will be encouraged to park at the Lower Lodges entrance and a new car park will be created on The Patchway for visitors to the walled garden, Stanmer House and village businesses.

A rainwater catcher built around 1870 to provide clean water for Stanmer House will be restored.

Work is due to start early in 2018 and be completed the following year.

See also:- Stanmer Park Heritage Lottery bid

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Bye, bye bowling . . .

The last bowling green in use summer 2016.
For many decades the summer scene in Preston park has been graced with the sight of white-clad bowls players on emerald, beautifully manicured greens. But now no more. Two greens went out of use several years ago and were turned into wildflower "meadows". Another went last year, the last has gone this and is already showing signs of neglect.

Now gradually returning to nature.

The Men's Bowling Pavilion
Consequently the Men's Pavilion, is now redundant in its original purpose. It is a nice little building that was once used as the back drop of one of the scenes in the film 'The First Gentleman' the story of a romance between the daughter of the Prince Regent and Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg. This was also filmed partly in the Royal Pavilion—the first film to be shot there.

The council will soon be putting the pavilion up for lease and a meeting is to be held to discuss the viability of the community acquiring that lease for the benefit of all. This is the only remaining building in the park that could be reserved for such use.

The meeting is on 3rd May at 7.30pm in the Men’s Bowls Pavilion.

Monday, 17 April 2017

The Easter Monday Volunteer Review

Volunteers marching along the Marine Parade towards the Downs

THE VOLUNTEER REVIEW AT BRIGHTON.---Lord Clyde's report on the volunteer review and field-day at Brighton on Easter Monday was published on Thursday. He praises the excellence of the arrangements by which, together with the punctuality and order of the volunteers themselves, a force of 20,000 men was brought to the places of rendezvous and told off for drill and manoeuvre. The marching past was, he says, on the whole admirably performed. The manoeuvres which followed had no other object than to practise the volunteer brigades and battalions in changing position and working together in a large body. He speaks in highly eulogistic terms of the fine spirit of the volunteers, and says that the manner in which they were commanded and " the intelligent, ready way in which they obeyed the orders they received, proved how zealously both officers and men had applied themselves to the patriotic object that all have in view.".

Map of the 1871 manoeuvres from the RPM Image Store